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Mynk confesses: My pregnancy was a big lie

Mynk confesses: My pregnancy was a big lie

Mynk Confesses: AN INTERNET celebrity on Tuesday confessed she had fabricated a story about being impregnated by her teen heartthrob ex-boyfriend, saying she only did it because she wanted him to return to her.


Sawapat “Mynk” Sunthornnant, 23, apologised to the public and anyone she had caused trouble with her claim that Chonlathorn “Captain” Kongyingyong, 20, had fathered her child.

She was speaking after attending the first negotiation session at the Criminal Court, where Chonlathorn had filed a defamation suit against her.

Speaking in front of the court building, Suwapat admitted that her claim about the pregnancy with Chonlathorn was not true.

“I made it up because I love him and did not want to lose him. That led to my claim about the pregnancy. I was not thinking clearly and did it impulsively. I wish to apologise to all parties, Captain, his parents and those involved,” she said.

She said she had invented the story in the hope it would convince him to return to her, which he did not.

The court heard that her claim had put Chonlathorn in a difficult position and led to him having work cancelled and facing an accusation of being irresponsible.

Asked why she had not come clean sooner, she said things had got out of hand since it happened.

Chonlathorn, accompanied by his lawyer, told reporters that he was relieved that the truth had finally come out.

“The negotiation went well and both parties understand each other. We should now get on with our lives. Before, I wanted to know why she did this; now I know that she did it because she loved me,” he said.

He added that he did not feel angry at her since she had already apologised. “I also want to say sorry, as this happened partly because of me,” he said.

His lawyer added that his client would withdraw all the charges filed against Sawapat now that the matter had been settled.

Sawapat is an online celebrity with a large following and is often hired to attend events to attract visitors.

In September, she gave an interview to a newspaper, claiming that she was carrying a baby fathered by Chonlathorn, her ex-boyfriend. The story drew an outpouring of anger from netizens claiming that Chonlathorn did not want to take responsibility for his baby.

Chonlathorn then appeared at a press conference with Sawapat and said he would take full responsibility for the baby – but wanted tests to confirm if it was his.

Sawapat failed to present a medical document to prove that she was pregnant and later wrote on her Facebook page that she had lost the baby due to the stress.

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