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MP wife’s found in bed with monk (video)

MP wife’s found in bed with monk

A scandal has rocked Thailand as a man discovered his wife, a politician from the Democrat Party, engaging in adultery with a monk who they had adopted as their son. The Democrat Party has taken a firm stance, declaring that if the allegations are proven true, the woman will face expulsion within three days.

The controversy erupted when a local news Facebook page, Esor News, accused the 45-year-old wife of a former Thai politician of having an affair with a 24-year-old monk, whom they had legally adopted. According to the page, the couple had taken in the monk as their son.

Further revelations from Esor News detailed the wife’s political history, indicating that she had previously run as a candidate MP for the Democrat Party in Sukhothai province but was unsuccessful. Despite this, she remains a member of the party. The post also outlined a timeline of the relationship between the wife and the monk, noting increased contact starting in February this year.

As suspicions grew, the husband decided to investigate and recorded a video upon returning home unannounced on March 22. In the video, he discovered his wife and the monk naked in bed, prompting a denial from the wife of any sexual activity, claiming the monk was merely taking a shower.

Adding to the controversy, Esor News reported allegations of embezzlement of party funds by the wife. Thai netizens expressed outrage, demanding clarity from the Democrat Party.

In response, Democrat Party spokesperson Ramate Rattanachawang addressed the issue, confirming the woman’s party membership but asserting her lack of significant role within the party since the last General Election. Ramate disclosed that he had reported the matter to the party leader, leading to the formation of a special committee to investigate the allegations. He emphasized that such conduct violates ethical and moral standards expected of politicians, and if found guilty, the woman would be swiftly expelled from the party within three days.

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