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Mentally-ill man smears saliva on convenience store window

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Villagers got scared after seeing a mentally-ill man smearing his saliva all over a local convenience store window in Nakhon Sawan Province on 30 March 2020.

The incident took place in a village named Sawasdee in the main city of the province. One of the witnesses captured the footage and uploaded it online, the video went viral amongst netizens almost immediately. The local rescue team received notifications from scared villagers before inspecting the store.

The Sanook News Team went to the area and found Pichet Daijew, a member of the rescue team. Pichet stated that villagers called in stating that there was a man smearing his saliva all over a convenience store window.

The team went to the store right away but the man had disappeared. Then shortly after the same man returned and continued to repeat the same actions. The team decided to notify the Nakhon Sawan Police. The man was arrested and placed in jail overnight.

Hopefully, the man’s family will inform him of why such actions can scare a lot of people during the Covid-19 situation in Thailand along with informing why the virus is dangerous to everyone around him.

The police called the Nakhon Sawan Provincial Public Health Office and the man was tested for Covid-19. Results have not yet been revealed.

Some of the villagers in the incident revealed that the people who were inside and around the store started running away from the area once they saw what the man was doing. They were extremely afraid that he had Covid-19 and was trying to spread the virus.

The police later found out that the man is currently mentally-ill and he didn’t have any harmful intentions towards anyone. They will be keeping a close eye on him due to the times that we are currently in.

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