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Men baffled by £12 penis cleaner – but some say it makes manhood look ‘magical’

Men baffled by £12 penis cleaner - but some say it makes manhood look 'magical'

Men have been sharing their shock after spotting bottles of penis cleaning spray for sale on supermarket shelves

One man recently admitted on national television that he hadn’t washed his penis in decades.

Men and women watching at home were equally repulsed by the admission, but some also shared their own personal hygiene struggles.

For those that fall into the latter category, there is now a simple, £12 solution for you that’s recently hit supermarket shelves and is also being flogged on Amazon.

It’s called Boners Penis Cleaner and some men claim the stuff has left their privates looking “magical” and “smelling like rainbows”.

Dad, Dean Murray, was surprised to see a bottle of the cleaner on sale in a Shropshire supermarket.

The 41-year-old shared a photo of it on Twitter , writing: “Oh my god, what is wrong with just a bit of soap and water.”

He joked about adding a “squirt of lemon juice” if you wanted to smell fresh – though he doesn’t actually recommend men try this at home.

Many people replied to his post, saying they wanted to know what the cleaner actually smelt like.

Well, according to one enthusiastic reviewer on Amazon, the cleaner “smells like rainbows”.

They gave the product five stars, and added: “Amazing, penis looked magical afterwards and smelled like rainbows.”

Another reviewer also seemed to be a fan of the cleaner, but wasn’t impressed by its price tag.

“After testing the three most used methods of penis cleansing, I have found that out of soap and water, green tea shampoo and Boners penis cleaner that this product would of had five stars if it was priced for sale in B&M or the local pound shop,” they wrote.

The product description online informs men that Boners penis cleaner is intended for use before and after “sexy games”.

However it also says men can use it as an “intimate soap” in the shower following exercise, or whenever they feel like their genitals need a “refreshing boost”.

It continues: “The penis cleaner provides a clean and fresh feeling and is gentle on skin.”

The penis cleaner costs £12.49 for 150ml

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