Gear up for the year’s biggest mobile gaming shopping season with MeBuy, Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce portal, as it celebrates the
official launch of

Boasting over 200 brands, and 100s of product listings, MeBuy is one of Southeast Asia’s biggest provides to shoppers across
the region with reliable services and product quality assurance to get their hands on all they ever wanted, the company said
we are adding products everyday and trying to source products that are of the best quality and prices.
To ease shoppers into the year-end shopping bonanza, MeBuy also announced the launch of a new extravaganza, dubbed The
Gamer across six countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.

Themed “Let The Games Begin”, shoppers can revel in greater discounts and bargains, it said in our store, you will find the
richest collection of mobile gaming items for games like PUBG and fortnite etc., (gamepads, joysticks, and cases) and
electronic toys (robots, sets and kits, cars and boats, planes and helicopters, handheld game players). All our products are
made of high-quality materials. That is why we guarantee that they last you years to come.
From today, shoppers just need to go to the website to have fun, while at the same time take advantage of some
great offers.


Shoppers can now also start adding favourite products to their cart.

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