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Marvel Fans Are Saying Avengers: Endgame Is The Best Film Ever

Marvel Fans Are Saying Avengers: Endgame Is The Best Film Ever

Well, the results are in. A whole heap of people on the internet are already saying that Avengers: Endgame is the best film they’ve ever seen.

Sure, these just sound like a whole heap of people who’ve never seen Muppet Treasure Island, but perhaps there is something in it.

After all, Marvel’s biggest and best ever blockbuster is the culmination of 11 hard years of work and 22 separate films. You’d think that they’d want to pull out all the stops in order to close this chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in style.

It’s definitely going to break records. It’s only been out for one day in the UK, and not even that in the USA, but the critics and fans are already raving about it.

The good news is, we’re not going to spoil it for you (Thanos demands our silence, after all).

But we can go as far as to quote one Twitter user who said: “I’m not gonna spoil Avengers Endgame to any one by holy fuck. That was the best three hours of my life.”

Sure, that’s just one person, but a cursory search on Twitter will show you that this guy isn’t the only one.

Another said: “The movie Avengers: Endgame is the best film I’ve ever watched … This film has a variety of feelings from sad, happy, very funny jokes.

“This film is hard to predict for marvel fans. For those who have watched, do not give spoilers.”

A third awestruck Avengers fan said: “Avengers: Endgame was the best film ever on the cinema history, it was the end of the Infinity Saga but still ,11 years, 22 movies and ONE epic conclusion”

Strong words, indeed. But if you keep looking, you’ll find hundreds of people with exactly the same opinion. They can’t all be wrong, can they?

It’s the biggest film in the world right now, everyone has been being built up to this moment, and why shouldn’t everyone enjoy it now that it has finally arrived?

You’d be a fool not to go down and at least see what all of this fuss is about.

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