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Man used sex toy present on his girlfriend’s dog

A man has been banned from keeping animals for seven years after inserting a three-inch sex toy into his girlfriend’s dog.

Rory Knox, 39, had received the device as a Christmas present from his girlfriend.

He used it on the dog at his girlfriend’s home in Milton of Campsie, near Glasgow, after returning from a walk last April.

He then confessed to his girlfriend saying: ‘I have went and done something really stupid.’

He told her that he was playing around with the dog and the sex toy got stuck inside her.

Fiscale depute Ross Harris said: ‘A few hours later, the woman noticed the dog appeared stressed. The accused asked several times for the dog not to be taken to the vet as he would be arrested.

‘The woman took the dog to the vet the next day. The vet’s clinical director spoke to the woman, and she said she had noticed the dog’s external genital area swollen and informed him what the accused said.

‘The dog was examined and appeared calm and not in any distress. Her genital area was swollen and dry.’

She was taken for an X-ray and rectal exam before the toy was removed, according to the Glasgow Times.

Knox was arrested two days later and faced court on Friday for causing unnecessary suffering.

As well as the ban on keeping animals, he was given a 100-day curfew.

Sheriff Shona Gilroy said: ‘Thankfully there is no long-term injury for this dog. What is concerning is the degree of self-pity about the situation you find yourself in.

‘I do agree that there needs to be some examination regarding your motivation around this offence.’

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