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Malaysia should focus on LGBT and illegal sex, not marriage of girl : Kelantan PAS leader

KOTA BHARU: The Federal Government and society are urged to pay attention to issues involving LGBT as well as illicit sex rather than talking about the marriage of the 11yearold girl with her 41yearold partner in Gua Musang, recently, said Kelantan Deputy Menteri Besar Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah.


He said the issue of LGBT and illicit sex were greater compared to the marriage case which he described as isolated.

“This issue (child marriage) is not wrong in terms of religion (Islam)… it should not be sensationalised and made a national issue and this case is an isolated case.

“Not everyone marries an 11yearold child but the LGBT issue, illicit sex and having children out of wedlock is rampant everywhere, so much so it has become a phenomenon in the country. This should be a concern to the government and society,” he told reporters after attending an Exco meeting at the Kota Darul Naim Complex here today.

Mohd Amar said although the state government was concerned about the case, they did not “overreact” to the matter.

“First, the marriage took place outside Kelantan, that is the issue we have to understand first…it did not happen in Kelantan.

“The state government handed over the matter to Jaheaik (Kelantan Islamic Religious Affairs Department) to manage the case because it is under their jurisdiction.

“So we will see what action (should be taken against the couple if they commit a crime). If there are any suggestions, Jaheaik will forward them to the state government,” he said.

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