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Lottery Seller writes her name on customer lottery tickets

Lottery Seller

This story was shared by the lottery buyer through her Facebook account Little Catfish. The lottery player wants to warn other customers to beware of their purchases and to look behind their lottery tickets before paying the seller.

Thai government lottery tickets will come with blank space on the back designed for owners to write their names and phone number to show true ownership, this helps solve any complications and disputes between individuals when collecting the winnings.

Little Catfish purchased the tickets from a seller in Suan Tung, Chiang Rai Province. She later realized that the seller had written her name and number behind the lottery that she paid for.

The post was captioned on 15 January 2020 “Can you do this? This is a warning to look behind your lottery next time you purchase some. I was at Suan Tung in Chiang Rai today when a woman walked up to me and asked me to help buy her lottery tickets, she stated that only a few were left.

I helped buy two tickets right away. I later discovered that the seller had written her own name and number on the back of the tickets.

If I won the lottery, then would it turn out that I was stealing your money? I decided to go to file a report with the police to make sure that the seller couldn’t claim anything in the future.

In case you were wondering, I called the seller from the number that she had written behind the lottery. Her answer was that she hoped the buyer would share the winnings with her.

The police told me it was a good decision to come and file a report because the seller can claim that it was her ticket. #canyoudothis #lotterysellerinChiangrai.”

Many Netizens agreed that what the seller did was wrong.

The lottery buyer has full ownership in the ticket and if they happen to win then the prize fully belongs to the buyer, the seller has no right to write their full name and phone number behind customers tickets.

If the ticket happened to win and the girl didn’t file a report with the police, then the prize would belong to the name written on the ticket.

The actual owner wouldn’t get anything. Next time you buy a lottery ticket make sure to check the back before you pay.


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