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Laws against having a “gik”. Thai PM said he was “kidding”

Laws against having a “gik”. Thai PM said he was “kidding”

Thai PM Prayuth Chan-ocha told reporters yesterday that he was totally kidding when he mentioned that the laws banning people from having giks (a Thai word for a sidepiece) are being drafted.

It all started when Prayuth visited farmers in the Isaan province of Nakhon Ratchasima on Monday. During an intense agricultural discussion, the PM was quoted out of context on the topic of romance, according to Workpoint.

Prayuth reportedly mentioned a celebrity couple who just split and commented: “It’s their business whether they stay together or split up. You say you support them and want them to get back together. Meanwhile, your husband is leaving you! Anyone who’s getting dumped by their husband can come to me. It’s against the law. The laws only allow one wife. You can’t have giks. The laws about that are being drafted.”

Yikes. Considering that popular culture in Thailand dictates that most successful people carry on flirting relationships (and maybe more) with people other than their partners, and this survey that claims most Thais fail at monogamy, we can’t imagine the police work that would go into catching men for having giks.

But it turns out that Prayuth, sometimes referred to as “Uncle Tu” by his supporters, was just joking in an effort to lighten the mood, since people were falling asleep during his speech about farming.

“I was joking. Don’t you understand anything?” he said, making a grumpy face, amidst the laughter from reporters.

“Can we even have that law? Should we have that law? The people were falling asleep, so I said that as an encouragement to the housewives. I threatened their husbands, and then they laughed,” Prayuth said.

After all, our Uncle Tu is just a funny guy.

“I’m a funny person. When I’m serious, you think I’m joking. When I’m joking, you think I’m serious. I don’t understand,” he added.

Well, between your scold at a twerking singer and the joke about executing reporters, at this point when we don’t know when to believe you anymore, Uncle Tu.

Source: Coconuts

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