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Launch of a new exclusive program by the new Really Cool Airlines

Really Cool US Digital Membership is the first of many planned improvements for the recently announced debut of Really Cool Airlines, a new Thai airline. Members can customize their travel experiences with this innovative, interactive app-based service at an incredible price. Additionally, for a brief period of time, early adopters of the ReallyCool US Digital Membership program will benefit from a variety of unique advantages provided by the Airline through “The Legendary Series.”

Only 999 members worldwide have access to this special deal, which is dubbed The Legendary Series. It has several money-saving features and pleasant surprises that are intended to please international travelers of today. These members are rewarded for their early support of Really Cool Airlines not only with material advantages but also with the anticipation of watching Really Cool Airlines develop and broaden its network in the years to come.

The CEO of Really Cool Airline, Patee, emphasizes that the entire Digital Membership Program will satisfy the needs of, and pleasure, all Really Cool Airline customers regardless of when they join, even though the limited-time Legendary Series includes a suite of eye-catching cost-saving advantages. He continues by saying that the advantages and capabilities provided by the ReallyCool US program will keep growing as the Airline develops.

The first membership program in the airline sector, according to Mr. Patee Sarasin, is the ReallyCool US Digital Membership program. This innovative project demonstrates our unwavering dedication to improving the travel experience for our clients. We are providing a really unrivaled opportunity to improve your travel lifestyle, with only 999 rare Legendary Series memberships available worldwide. We are changing how our clients fly by providing a genuinely one-of-a-kind opportunity, guaranteeing they get the best the aviation industry has to offer.

CEO Patee also revealed that Really Cool Airlines intends to start operating in Q1 2024 during a press conference. Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are probably among its inaugural routes in Asia. European routes will be added the following year.

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