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Kuwaiti tourist assualted by a local motorcyclist

A shocking incident involving a foreign tourist and a Thai motorcyclist in Pattaya has sparked widespread outrage and condemnation after a video of the assault went viral on social media.

The incident occurred on December 26 in front of a Middle Eastern restaurant on Yensabai Road, South Pattaya. According to the restaurant owner, Chofah Iamla-or, the victim was a Kuwaiti tourist in his twenties who had been dining at her establishment. As the tourist was leaving on his motorcycle, it suddenly stalled in the middle of the road. Without stopping, a white Honda Click motorcycle driven by an unidentified Thai man in his thirties or forties crashed into the tourist’s bike. The Thai man then got off his motorcycle and approached the tourist, launching a violent attack by punching him in the face and initiating a heated argument.

Chofah, who witnessed the entire altercation, attempted to intervene by raising her hand to signal for peace. However, her efforts were ignored by the Thai man who relentlessly continued the assault. He punched the tourist two more times, causing him to fall to the ground.

At that moment, a news reporter covering the Pattaya area arrived at the scene and stepped in to stop the assault. Despite the reporter’s intervention and pleas for the Thai man to cease his aggression, he adamantly refused and continued to use threatening language.

The entire incident was captured on video by the reporter, who later shared it on social media. The video revealed the brutal and unprovoked attack on the tourist, resulting in injuries to his face and body. Prompted by distress calls from residents, the police swiftly responded and launched an investigation into the incident. They are currently gathering statements from the victim and witnesses, aiming to identify and locate the assailant. The victim is also in the process of filing a formal complaint with the Tourist Police.

The incident has sparked deep concern and anger within the local community and among foreign tourists in Pattaya. Many have expressed their sympathy and support for the victim, calling for swift action from the authorities to ensure the safety and security of visitors and uphold the city’s reputation as a popular tourist destination.


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