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Just a monk taking his pet pig for a walk

This monk drew more than a few confused looks from pedestrians when he was seen taking his pet pig for a walk.

Wichai Vichaiyah, 57 keeps the four-year-old female Vietnamese pot-bellied pig named Lilly at his temple in Chonburi.

Once a month, Wichai dresses Lilly in a pink jacket, blue bow and sits a teddy on her back to walk her to a local ceremony.

Crowds gathered round to see Lilly as Wichai took her for her monthly stroll down the street.

Wichai said: ”When people see Lilly they like to give her a lot of attention. They can feed her and stroke her.

”Looking after Lilly and treating her well by taking her outside, dressing her nicely, brings good luck because we are doing a good deed.

”Anybody can donate a wild pig that they would like to be cared for. She cannot be sold or eaten.”

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