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Joint effort in vape war

joint effort in vape war

The Consumer Protection Police Division (CPPD) is calling for a united effort to safeguard Thai youths from the adverse health effects associated with e-cigarettes.

According to Pol Maj Gen Wittaya Sriprasert, the chief of CPPD, it’s crucial for teachers, school staff, parents, and relatives to collaborate in educating youngsters about the health hazards of vaping. Additionally, they need to understand the legal consequences of violating Thailand’s laws prohibiting the sale and possession of such devices.

Citing CPPD data, he noted a concerning increase in cases involving illegal sales and possession of e-cigarettes and cartridges. In 2022, authorities confiscated vapes and cartridges worth two million baht from 31 vendors, while last year, they seized 10.14 million baht worth of these items from 25 vendors. This year, as of the current month, CPPD officials have seized 2.7 million baht worth of vapes and cartridges in 42 cases.

Recently, two Myanmar nationals were apprehended for selling vapes and cartridges along Sukhumvit Road in Watthana district. The suspects, identified as Khin, 42, and Hhyo, 25, were found in possession of a significant quantity of e-cigarettes.

The CPPD chief highlighted a study conducted by the police on the rapid popularity of e-cigarettes among Thai youths, despite being illegal. The study revealed that many consumers are attracted to the devices’ sleek designs and the wide array of flavors available. Furthermore, online marketing and other advertising strategies employed by e-cigarette manufacturers and traders play a significant role in their popularity among young people.

Moreover, the research indicated that due to the perceived affordability and reusability of e-cigarettes compared to traditional cigarettes, many consumers view them as a good value for money. However, awareness regarding the actual health implications of e-cigarette usage among Thai youths remains relatively low.

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