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Island With Population Of Around 30 Is Looking For New Residents

New Residents

A teeny island off the coast of Scotland is appealing for new residents to boost its population, which currently stands at just 32.

The Isle of Rum has asked anyone who is interested to apply to a number of new houses that are being built in Kinloch, its only village.

Those who already live on the island are hoping that young families might be keen on starting a new life on the idyllic isle, as they are in desperate need of more kids to take up places in the school.

Lesley Watt, who lives on the island, told news.stv: “We have a population of around 32 people, including six children.

“With only one child in nursery and two in our primary school, we need more families to fill our school as well as to be the next generation of islanders.”

According to information on the Isle of Rum page, the island ‘is looking for dynamic individuals or families who are keen to fit in to the island way of life and help drive positive change for this young and growing community’.

The site goes on to add: “Also, young families are always a major contribution to isolated communities and so if you have young children they would find a wonderful island to play and learn in and so applicants with children will also be considered favourably in the allocation process.”

The four new ‘eco homes’ have been built all with ‘affordable rent’, according to The Isle of Rum Community Trust, which runs the island.

The two-bedroom houses offer incredible views up to the Rum Cullin mountains and there’s plenty of local wildlife, including red deer and feral goats, which sound bloody adorable.

If you’re wondering what you’d do for work, the trust that is offering the new homes says there’s opportunities in childcare, fish farming, food production, mountain tourism and house maintenance.

Work on the houses slowed down due to the coronavirus, but the trust is hopeful they’ll be ready by September with new residents able to move in shortly after.

You can apply to move into one of the new homes here.

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