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In July, Pattaya beach showers and extra parking spaces will be available.

The city has been working carefully to rehabilitate the footpaths on both sides of Beach Road, according to Mayor Poramet Ngampichet, who provided an update on the project’s development on Pattaya Beach.

For the comfort of locals and visitors, the city has installed lights and set up at least four shower service locations as part of the beatification project. Due to environmental considerations and in compliance with the Marine Department’s standards, alternatives to building bathrooms were used instead.

The building of the walkway will be coordinated with ongoing development on Thepprasit Road in order to minimize interruptions to other road users. There are 11 zones in the construction process, and each zone can work on a stretch of two meters at once.

The contractor has currently finished enhancing the walkway in Zones A and B. In Zone C, paving slabs for footpaths is now the main priority. The contractor has also started tearing down the old slabs in Zone D. The mayor emphasized that during the project, the contractor used a technique that reduced the effect of the construction zone on visitors to the beach.

The full project is anticipated to be finished by July 2023. Once completed, the project will considerably increase and promote Pattaya’s tourism. Additionally, it will improve the area’s attractiveness while reducing traffic congestion on South Pattaya Road, improving the experience for both Thai and foreign tourists.

The mayor also revealed the designs for a visitor parking space near the shore. The city plans to build the parking lot on the right side of the beach, extending from Soi 4 through Central Pattaya, to ensure the least amount of disruption to traffic flow. 90 vehicles can fit in the specified parking space. Parking on the right side of Pattaya Beach has been forbidden by Pattaya City in coordination with the Pattaya Police Station. Tourists will be instructed to park their cars in designated areas inside the predetermined area after the project is finished.

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