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Hungry Driver Eats Plate Of Lasagne While Driving At 60MPH

Hungry Driver Eats Plate Of Lasagne While Driving At 60MPH

Hungry Driver Eats: On long stretches of road, signs regularly remind drivers of the importance of stopping for rest when they’re feeling tired. Until this point though, the powers that be have presumably not felt it necessary to advise drivers to pull over if they fancy tucking into a massive meal.

However, one man has proven that this may not be as obvious a safety precaution as you might expect. Footage showed him eating what appears to be a plate of lasagne – and possibly some garlic bread on the side while driving at 60mph.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Now, there are some foods that are acceptable for consumption while driving and there are some that are not. A packet of sweets or crisps can be dipped into while keeping one hand on the wheel and two eyes on the road. An apple or a banana for the healthier driver can be comfortably chewed on behind the wheel.

Where exactly the line is drawn between acceptable and unacceptable driving food is debatable, but suffice to say a big plate of lasagne and garlic bread is way past the line.

In order to do this, the driver seems to be using one hand to accomplish the tasks of holding the plate and steering, freeing up the other to stuff his face. What makes it all the more bizarre is the fact the footage was taken at 7.15am on Friday and the man seems to be in smart dress – implying he is probably commuting.

Who on earth is this man? Eating a plate of lasagne while driving is weird. Eating a plate of lasagne at 7.15am (or a quarter pasta seven) is weird. Eating a plate of lasagne while driving at 7.15am is on a completely different level.

Insulation engineer, Matt Clarke, spotted the ‘ridiculous’ Toyota Yaris driver travelling on the A47 towards Norwich, UK, and claims he witnessed the man enjoying his meal over an eight mile stretch.

The 41-year-old said: “It was just so ridiculous. Who eats lasagne at that time of the morning?

“He was eating something from the plate, then he’d reach to the passenger seat and eat something from there too. Maybe he had some garlic bread to go with it.

“It looked like lasagne to me, like he was enjoying leftovers from the night before.

“The plate was balanced on the steering wheel and he wasn’t paying attention to what was around him at all.

“He looked like a professional. He was smartly dressed, and he must have been in a huge rush to get to work.

“He kept speeding up and slowing down because he was so engrossed in his meal.

“An apple or a cereal bar you can understand, but lasagne and garlic bread is a step too far.”

Luckily, it seems nobody was harmed by his adventures in simultaneous eating and driving. But we may never know if he made it to his crucial 8am business meeting on time, or whether he was able to secure the deal despite stinking of garlic.

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