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Health authorities advise against ATK and RT-PCR tests

Health authorities are now advising against the arbitrary use of ATK and RT-PCR tests, while also assuring that four COVID vaccine doses are enough for now and there are no plans to administer fifth doses.

Supakit Sirilak, director-general of the Department of Medical Sciences, recently reported on efforts to monitor for new COVID-19 variants.

He said the Ministry of Public Health has set a target for preventing COVID deaths, with adequate vaccination in risk groups to contribute to this end.

Dr Supakit explained that the healthcare system remains adequate, but fatality rates will inevitably rise alongside infection rates.

He added that if members of the “608” group of people at high risk of severe COVID symptoms can be protected, the number of deaths can be limited.

Dr Supakit also urged people to refrain from risky activities such as attending gatherings and not wearing masks.

He noted that normal life will be difficult if daily infection numbers hit 100,000-200,000.The department’s deputy chief, Dr Banlang Uppapong, said ATK and RT-PCR tests should be used only when individuals have been exposed to COVID risks.

Tests are appropriate for use within 14 days after traveling from locations with high infection rates or after contact with someone who contracted COVID-19. Use of ATKs are not recommended when no symptoms or risks are present.

The senior health officials further noted that people who have received their third vaccine dose should make preparations for receiving their fourth.

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