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The groom interrupted his own wedding and breakdown

The groom interrupted his own wedding and breakdown

A wedding it’s a way of celebrating isn’t just a big party, a couple’s love for each other and their eternal promise to one another.

For most people, it’s also a day that’s been planned carefully to the smallest detail.This groom had no intention of leaving his wife when he left the altar.

Many people like to give a personal touch to the arrangements. But some things, you can’t plan, and who knows what feelings are evoked at the altar? During the wedding between Portuguese couple Jefferson and Jessica, the groom suddenly had to admit he loved someone else — words that stunned all of the guests.

All the guests had arrived, the bride had walked down the aisle and the time had come to exchange vows when Jefferson started his speech.

He turned to his new wife and said something that no one expected. Jefferson admitted that he loved someone else. Nobody really understood what was happening — but when Jefferson turned to a little girl in the audience, people started to realize what was going on.

The fact of the matter was what Jefferson wasn’t dedicating his life to just wife, Jessica — but also her 8-year-old daughter, Giovanna, too. Giovanna had been waiting for this moment for a while — seeing her mother marry the love of her life, Jefferson, who was not the girl’s biological father.

When she listened to Jefferson’s beautiful and moving marriage vows, the tears wouldn’t stop running. “I also give you love, my love. I will take care of you and always protect you and never let anything bad happen to you,” Jefferson said, looking into her eyes.

Then Giovanna grabbed the microphone to speak and thanked her new dad. I think it’s safe to say that Jefferson, her new dad, will be there for her and Jessica throughout life — and this wedding speech is truly a memory they will never forget!

This is the kind of powerful moment that will live on forever and I recommend checking out this clip for yourself so you can join this new and beautiful family on this special occasion.
Isn’t this one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen?

Please share this with your friends so they can also see this amazing outpouring of love from Jefferson!– Newer

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