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Gold shop robbery one killed (VIDEO)

A customer was killed as three armed men robbed a gold shop in Phop Phra district on Saturday, getting away with a haul worth at least 2.9 million baht.

The robbery occurred at the Krungthep 4 Phop Phra gold shop on Don Jedi-Wale Road in tambon Phop Phra, said Pol Col Suwan Suwannatha, deputy investigation chief at the Phop Phra station.

A glass door of the shop was smashed and there were bullet holes in another glass door when police arrived at the shop located not far from Phop Phra Hospital. The showcases were almost empty.

A male customer, 30, who had been shot and seriously wounded, was rushed to Phop Phra Hospital together with one of the shop owners, who sustained injuries from broken glass.

The customer was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

The robbery was filmed by security cameras. The recordings showed three men arriving in a pickup truck and parking in front of the gold shop.

Wearing long-sleeved shirts and full-face crash helmets, they fired shots into the shop, Thai media reported.

At the time, the two owners were selling gold ornaments to three customers.

Gunshots struck one customer, causing him to fall down.

One robber then used a hammer to break a glass door and all three armed men then entered the shop. They smashed the showcases, swept the gold into their bags and fled in the pickup.

Police said that more than 100-baht weight (1.5 kilogrammes) of gold, worth about 2.9 million baht at current selling prices, was stolen. A massive manhunt is under way.

Security video from the Krungthep 4 Phop Phra gold shop shows the three robbers entering the store and later carrying out some of their haul. (Clip [email protected] Facebook page)

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