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Girl buys phone online, receives milk and Bhuddist Amulets

Bhuddist Amulets

Girl buys phone online, receives milk and Bhuddist Amulets

A girl purchased a phone from an online seller but ended up receiving a box of milk and 3 Buddhist Amulets instead. The girl works as a market vendor selling grilled park, she decided to buy a phone one day but was scammed.

This story is yet another warning to carefully choose online sellers as you will not see what is inside the box until it is too late and the money’s gone.

Rachdaporn the buyer lives in Phatthalung Province. The victim reveals that she is still shocked and disappointed by the experience.

Rachdaporn saw a post on Facebook, the seller was offering phones for a cheaper price than sold in malls. The buyer talked to the seller and decided to purchase the phone by transferring the money into the seller’s account.

A day later the shipment arrives, Rachdaporn opens the box to find a box of milk and 3 Buddhist Amulets. She went to file a report with the police right away. The victim stated that this was not just a random account but it was a Facebook page dedicated to selling phones.

There were a lot of buyers and positive reviews on the page. She wanted an iPhone 8 Plus priced at 12,900 THB. It is too good to be true when the seller offered Rachdaporn a great deal, the victim only had to pay a down payment of 1,050 THB. She took the deal right away and transferred the money.

The buyer opened the box with excitement when it arrived, but instead of an Apple box, she was met with a box of soymilk and 3 Buddhist Amulets.

Rachdaporn went online to contact the seller but it was already too late as she had been blocked. A friend found the Facebook page and the seller was still answering to other potential buyers.

The victim has decided to come out and tell her story hoping that it can protect other buyers from being scammed, if a deal seems extremely good then it’s not worth taking the risk.

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