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Patient shot dead at field hospital

 A man with a gun shot dead a male Covid-19 patient at the Princess Mother National Institute for Drug Abuse Treatment on Phahon Yothin Road in Thanyaburi district early Thursday morning.

Media reported that the gunman, wearing a camouflage outfit and red beret, fired a gun shot to break open the locked front glass door of the institute, which functions as a field hospital for Covid-19 patients, about 3.30am and entered the building.

That was when the doomed patient aged about 50 exited a toilet and was shot dead.

The gunman then moved deeper to a ward and fired many more shots before escaping on a pickup truck on the outbound side of Phahon Yothin Road. The subsequent shots did not hit anyone.

Police were hunting the culprit.

Col Sirichan Ngathong, spokesperson of the army, said the gunman in the camouflage outfit was not a soldier

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