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German tourists hurt in Pattaya-Naklua traffic accident

After exiting a pub on Pattaya-Naklua Road, two German visitors were hurt after being hit by a car. On May 6, at around two in the morning, an accident occurred on the Naklua Pattaya Road.

Naklua Road at night

After spending the evening at one of the bars along the road, 68-year-old Jakob Bauler and 58-year-old Klaus Werner were returning to their hotel when a Nissan Almera struck them, sending both of them to the ground. Before paramedics arrived, they were still hurt.The Nissan was being driven by 42-year-old local Pakasit Nudang at the time of the collision. He explained that he had merged onto the main road from a side street (soi) and had missed the two people crossing the roadway. He accidently drove into them as a result.

As soon as Nudang saw how serious the situation was, he parked his car and hurried back to assist the tourists who were hurt. Werner suffered serious wounds, but Bauler only received slight physical damage. Both people were quickly taken to a local hospital for treatment.The accident was captured on CCTV, which the local police have now obtained and will examine in order to identify what caused it.

The required legal action will be taken against the person determined to be at fault once the authorities have determined the underlying reason.In crowded tourist locations like Pattaya, such as this tragedy has highlighted the significance of road safety knowledge for both drivers and pedestrians.

In Pattaya, traffic accidents are nothing new. Every week, accidents happen on the roads in the well-known vacation destination.

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