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The future of Islam in Europe. Will there ever be peace?

The future of Islam in Europe. Will there ever be peace?

The future of Islam in Europe – Will Islam ever be compatible with the Western World?

When an ideology, to which over a billion people subscribe, has at its core the conviction that the entire world must submit to its stone-age beliefs and laws and that every infidel (that’s you and me) must convert or die, then those we elect to represent us should at least have the decency to believe them.

Instead, over the last three years, Angela Merkel’s Europe has taken an open door approach to inviting millions of fighting age Islamic men into countries that are entirely unprepared for such a responsibility.

This has been a mistake that will affect the natives of those countries for the rest of their lives. And of all their descendants, including the yet to be born.

And in fifty or one-hundred years time the descendants of the aforementioned educators will be teaching the glorious conquering of Europe by the mighty soldiers of Allah.

Naturally the tales will be of valiant marches across mountains and epic victories. They won’t mention that we dropped the draw-bridge, gave them all a visa and then took our trousers off.
It may be already too late to stop this. It may be already too late to prevent war in Europe over the next decade. Civil Wars across the continent.

The Left cannot see any of it coming

And there are still too many people on the left of politics who cannot see this coming. I tried to have a conversation with a German neighbor about the effect of Merkel’s policy in Germany and he insisted it would be no problem.

‘We integrated millions of East Germans, who had nothing, only a few decades ago,’ he triumphantly said. ‘We can do it again, no problem.’

I might have accidentally mentioned the fact that those East Germans wanted to be German again and did not subscribe to an ideology that required West Germans to become Communist, or dead.

I also may have pointed out that dissatisfaction with government immigration policy led to the rise of the Right-Wing in Germany (as it always does anywhere) during the 1930’s.

He looked me up and down and went back to his beer. The conversation, it seemed, was taking him out of his safe space. So I carried on.

I reminded him that when Germany reunified they didn’t have to integrate all the East Germans into towns, cities, schools, hospitals or jobs in the West. They already had their own. Well, apart from the jobs. He looked at me again, started crying and called the police.

Not confined to Europe

The Islamic invasion is not confined to Europe. In the south of Thailand Islamists are regularly shooting, stabbing and beheading innocent Buddhists in the name of their religion.

So often, in fact, that it is rarely reported anymore. Although that could have something to do with the Thais wanting to protect their tourist industry.

If I were you, dear reader, don’t go on holiday to Phuket or anywhere near it. The British Government agrees.

But we don’t often hear about that in the news do we? And the Philippines are even worse as western tourists are targeted, kidnapped and then ransomed or beheaded, whichever comes first.

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