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Four Thai/Swiss children fall from fourth floor of flats – one is dead, three seriously injured

Hua Mark police were called to a set of apartment rooms at the end of Ramkhamhaeng Soi 34 in Bangkok early this morning after four young children fell from the fourth floor.The children are Thai/Swiss with the Thai mother having split up with the Swiss father four years ago.
All the children have the surname Niran-Borel. The mother was out at work when the children fell.
At the scene police and medics saw boys Luca, 11 and Khanatcha, 5 and girls Pamela, 10 and Chanida, 7 on the ground. They were surrounded by broken plates and cups and an awning was damaged.
All the children were rushed to two hospitals. The five year old boy died in Ramkhamhaeng Hospital from a head wound.
Luca and Chanida are critical and unconscious in ICU.
Pamela broke her leg and is now said to be stable.
Police inspected their rooms on the fourth floor. A wooden platform constructed on a balcony had come loose.
The platform extending two feet over a back balcony was used to drain cups and plates after washing.
It looks like the children were sitting on the platform and a bolt gave way as it was unable to take their weight.
The children fell down at 1.30 am this morning.
Their grandfather Eet Prakaikaew, 68, said that he lived there with his wife and his daughter who is the mother of the children. She had gone to work and would not be back until morning.
Eet and his wife had locked up and gone to bed in another room thinking that the children were settled down for the night.
The next thing he knew was that ambulances had arrived and the children were all lying on the ground injured from the fall.
He said that his daughter had split up with the father of the children – a Swiss national – four years ago.
Neighbors told Thai Rath that the children were good kids who went to school and did their chores. They said that the family lived in hardship with the mother having to work at night to support everyone.
The authorities are paying for the hospital bills as investigations continue. samuitimes

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