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Hunt for Foreigners who Disrespected Thai Flag

Two Foreigners have been caught on cctv disrespecting the Thai National flag

At around 3:30am on Saturday January 7th, cctv footage caught two foreigners ripping down and disrespecting several Thai flags.

The incident took place at a shopping centre in Krabi, Southern Thailand. At first they are seen to be ripping down the flags and leaving them scattered across the floor, but the one of the foreigners proceeds to start trampling all over them, whilst the other stands there laughing.

It is unclear whether the two foreigners were drunk at the time of the incident, although it is clear to see that they are upset about something that has happened, so much so that they decided to take action into their own hands.

All hell broke out on Thai online forums and social media once the video was uploaded by Anake Saranath, and judging by some of the comments, it’s safe to say these guys have got themselves a pretty big target on their backs.

A man hunt is now on, and police hope to track down the foreigners as soon as possible. Possible punishments for the offence include prison term, and/or a large fine.

Source: Daily News

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