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Five monks in van crash at Phu Thap Boek

Five monks in van crash at Phu Thap Boek

Twelve people, including five monks, were injured in a crash involving two vans on a downhill curve on Phu Thap Boek mountain in Lom Kao district on Friday.

The first van hit a concrete barrier beside a curve on the road leading down from the popular tourist attraction around 10.50am. The force of the crash injured six people, including monks, said police.

While rescue workers were helping the injured, another van travelling down the hill suddenly rear-ended the first vehicle, forcing monks, police inspecting the scene and rescue workers to flee for their own safety.

Six more people in the second van were hurt, one seriously, bringing the total number of injured to 12. All were taken to Lom Kao Hospital.

Police said the injured people had been visiting Phu Thap Boek and were on the way back when the accidents occurred. They believed the brakes of the two vans might have overheated, causing the drivers to lose control of their vehicles. 

Rescue workers remove an injured passenger from a van that rear-ended another van at Phu Thap Boek in Phetchabun on Friday. (Photo: Sunthorn Kongvarakom)

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