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10 million Baht worth of Fake Handbags Seized

Fake Handbags estimated to be worth around 10 million Baht Seized

On February 2nd, Pattaya police made their way up to a condo block in North Pattaya, after receiving several reports regarding the sale of fake goods.

On arriving at the scene, police entered the condo to find a huge selection of fake handbags all over the condo. The owners of the condo turned out to be a married Thai couple, aged 39 and 23 respectively. It was clear to see that the owners of the condo didn’t live there, and were simply using it as a make-shift warehouse for their goods.

Reports surfaced after several customers complained that the brand name handbag they had bought for anywhere between 50,000 up to 100,000 Thai Baht, was in fact a copy of the original.

On searching through the various different styles, police found a wide variety of top name brands including Longchamp, MCM, Chanel, Gucci, LV, Prada and Hermes. They found 105 handbags in the condo, and a further 45 in the couple’s car, making a grand total of 150 handbags which police have estimated to be worth around 10 million Baht based on the prices that the couple were selling them.

All of the fake handbags were seized by police and will be sent away to be destroyed. Police are still looking into all the details and figures before filing the appropriate charges against the couple in question.


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