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Exploring History Through Touch: A Review of ‘La Chimera

Exploring History Through Touch: A Review of 'La Chimera

In “La Chimera,” writer and director Alice Rohrwacher crafts a mesmerizing contemporary folk tale that invites viewers to experience history in a tactile way. The film follows the journey of Arthur, a troubled archaeologist portrayed with exquisite depth by Josh O’Connor, as he traverses the Italian countryside in search of ancient tombs.

From the moment Arthur, clad in a dirty white-linen suit, steps off the train, viewers are transported into a world where history comes alive through touch. Rohrwacher expertly blends mischief, myth, and melancholy to create a narrative that is light on plot but rich in wonder.

As Arthur reunites with a band of grave-robbing rogues and becomes entangled with the aspiring singer Italia, played by the captivating Carol Duarte, the film unfolds in a series of adventures and narrow escapes. These escapades are depicted in fizzy montages, reminiscent of silent-era slapstick comedies, yet interspersed with moments of transcendent beauty.

One of the film’s central motifs is the concept of the “chimera,” which symbolizes both a fierce mythical beast and an unrealizable dream. Through lush cinematography and warm, hazy visuals captured on 35 mm stock, “La Chimera” blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, inviting viewers to explore the mystical gateway between our world and the underworld beneath our feet.

At its core, “La Chimera” is a tactile experience that urges viewers to engage with history on an emotional level. As Arthur grapples with his haunted past and searches for meaning in the ruins of the past, audiences are reminded that history is not just something to be studied, but something to be felt.

With standout performances from the cast, including Isabella Rossellini as the enigmatic Signora Flora, “La Chimera” is a cinematic journey unlike any other. Dive into this enchanting world and discover the magic of “La Chimera” for yourself.

Credit: Empire Online

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