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Ex-boyfriend allegedly shoots woman in Pattaya then later commits suicide

A woman reportedly killed after being mercilessly shot twice in the head by her ex-boyfriend. The shooter then killed himself to avoid being punished.

Pattaya Police and Sawang Boriboon rescuers arrived at the site at 4:30 AM today, April 18, after learning about a woman who had been shot close to the Mantra Pura Hotel in North Pattaya.

Ms. Jutathip Ayuyuen, a 32-year-old Thai woman, was discovered motionless on the ground by the authorities at the scene. Two bullet wounds to the woman’s occipital region of her head were visible. She was discovered on the ground cuddling Ms. Apassanun Trisopin, a 31-year-old Thai friend who was unharmed.Rescuers took Ms. Jutathip to the closest hospital, but she tragically passed away from her wounds a short time later. At the scene of the incident, police seized two gunshot fragments.The police questioned Ms. Apassanun on the shooting.

The victim’s ex-boyfriend, according to the woman, was the shooter. He rode a motorcycle behind them, followed them to the hotel, and then parked it, approached them, and opened fire on the victim.According to Ms. Apassanun, Ms. Jutathip utilized her body to protect herself from the gunfire. When Jutathip passed out while carrying Apassanun, she chose to pretend to be dead and avoided getting hurt. After the incident, according to Apassanun, the suspect sped off on his Honda Forza motorcycle.

The shooter was recognized as Mr. Buddhachak Muleethet, 37, by the Pattaya Police. In the Pattaya region, he worked as a personal trainer.At 10:30 AM on April 18, the suspect was discovered dead in front of an empty building on Soi Pattaya 32. The Pattaya Police assumed he committed suicide despite having only one gunshot wound to the head. By the man’s body, the cops gathered a.38 revolver. His Honda Forza motorcycle was also discovered there.

According to police, Mr. Buddhachak shot the victim after growing angry with the victim because she refused to end their connection. To pinpoint the precise reason of this catastrophe, the authorities will conduct additional research.

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