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Addiction is a family disease

Busting Addiction and Its Myths

The purpose of our podcast is to help families learn the truth about addiction and alcoholism so that they can take the right action to help the addict they love and to help themselves at this critical time in their lives. Exposing the truth about addiction and alcoholism also requires that we bust the myths surrounding both addiction/alcoholism and the recovery process.

Season 1 – Episode 2

In this episode, we reveal more truths about addiction, in that it makes the whole family unit dysfunctional. We also discuss the deadly opioid epidemic and the truth behind the deadliest street drug: Fentanyl.

We cover these topics:

  • Addiction doesn’t just affect the family, it makes the whole family unit very sick.
  • Cross or poly-addiction is common among addicts these days, as there is so much available cheaply and easily.
  • The deadliest Opioid is no longer heroin, it’s Fentanyl, 100 times more powerful available straight up, and killing up to 100 people a day in the US.
  • A mention of our treatment centre, SafeHouse Rehab Thailand, where we offer a life-changing experience in the perfect environment for recovery, helping families and clients address the modern challenges of addiction.

SafeHouse Rehab Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in Thailand

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