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English teacher found dead inside bedroom in Chonburi

English teacher found dead inside bedroom in Chonburi
A 51-year-old English teacher was found dead Saturday morning inside his rented shop house which was turned into an English teaching school in Phanthong district of Chonburi province.

The British national teacher was identified as Mr Bryan Patrick Ranger.

His body was found on the bed wearing only a pair of black boxer shorts. There were no injuries or marks at all that would suggest any struggle or fight took place.

His death was alerted by his personal interpreter Mrs Tanannat Ziyago, 30, to the police after she and her Japanese husband broke into his bedroom when he did not come down as usual and didn’t answer to knocks on the door.

The couple had been sharing the same house as the victim for almost 4 months already and had noticed nothing unusual leading up to the death.

Mrs Tanannat told police that Mr Patrick opened English teaching courses four months ago at the shop house.

She mentioned to police that the victim had previously told her he had heart disease and had experienced problems with his heart in the past. He often told her that he didn’t know how much longer he had to live.

She often encouraged the victim to go see a doctor, but Mr. Ranger would refuse, stating that he had all the medication that he needed and that doctor’s wouldn’t be able to help in any way.

Thamrasami Maneerat Foundation volunteers brought his body to Phanthong hospital for post mortem examination, as well as the medicines for check to find the exact cause of his death.

Source: Thai PBS

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