Tattoo gives away fugitive on the run for the last 15 years


Tattoo gives away fugitive on the run for the last 15 years

A yakuza member suspected of murder, who had been in hiding for 15 years, was arrested yesterday in central Lopburi province, after photos of his intricate, full-body tattoos went viral in Thai social media.

Shineharu Shirai, 74, was nabbed by combined Interpol, local and immigration police forces in the rural province yesterday while he was out to buy food. Local media reported that Shirai is a suspected upper member of Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan’s largest yakuza organization, and has been hiding in Thailand since 2005.

The man is wanted by Japanese authorities for the murder of a rival gang member in Tsu City, back in July 2003. His whereabouts remained unknown until recently, when Japanese authorities reportedly got a clue that Shirai was in Thailand and had a local wife from viral photos of his tattoos, Thai PBS reported. The news organization also said that me may be homeless and living in a park after running out of money.

“Uncle, you’re my idol. When I grow up, will I look like you?” wrote a Facebook post that has been shared over 14,000 times.

The 74-year-old is missing a pinky finger on his left hand, which suggests he participated in the yakuza ritual known as yubisume, where members chop off a portion of their little fingers to atone for serious offenses. His tattoos are also indicative of membership in the crime organization.

For starters, Shirai has been charged for overstaying in Thailand and is being held.

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  • Charles Baht Esquire

    That will teach the old Jab gangster a lesson for being out there for his attention seeking antics showing off his scribble looking cartoon tattoos he might as well just had a passport bar code tattooed to his forehead this is me come and get me .

  • Ken Anderson

    Clearly this wasteland is perfect for a Japanese criminal to hide and it is no surprise he has evaded capture for so long. All he would require is a suntan and would blend in among the indigenous criminally minded and antisocial men going completely unnoticed.