Holiday in the Bangkok Hilton for Swiss couple


Holiday in the Bangkok Hilton for Swiss couple

A Swiss couple that appear to have stolen a Thai man’s brand new laptop on CCTV at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport will reportedly be spending Christmas in jail.

In the clip, aired on Thai Channel 3, Anna Michaela Grob, 56, of Switzerland, appears to remove a new laptop from its box and conceal it with her jacket before walking away with her husband, identified as Romano, 61, when the Thai owner stepped away from his belongings.

When the Thai man, identified as Pasawat Jansuphap, returned to his things, he found only an empty box, so he filed a police report.

The event allegedly happened in October, when the couple arrived in the country. However, they were not arrested until they came back to the airport to board a flight home on Nov. 24. They were recognized by airport staff from the CCTV clip, Post Today reported.

The couple were charged with theft in an airport, reported to have a value of THB40,000.

They couple allegedly denied the theft but confessed after the police found the computer in their possession and showed them the cip of the theft.

Thai Visa reported that the couple spoke to Swiss media and called the incident “stupid” and were upset that they would be spending the holidays in jail since their court date won’t be until at least Jan. 11.

If they are found guilty, the punishment could be a five-year jail term and/or a maximum fine of THB10,000.

Source: Coconuts

  • ken

    No sympathy for these crooked Swiss cheese but these bent cops should investigate how this Thai man have a brand new computer in his possession. The probability that he secured this laptop though criminal activities is extremely high, in other words, he himself is a thief, having stolen the computer himself.

    • Dr. Winston O’Boogie

      Really? You’re the most vile, racist scum I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across.

      • ken

        Yes really, you could learn a lot from experience Dr. Step away from the medical books and you may learn something about life.

        • Guest

          One thing he sure as hell cannot learn from you parsnip framer’s son id how to organize a relocation out of Thailand as you are very lame in that field.

        • Dr. Winston O’Boogie

          If you’re the example of learning from experience, I think I’ll stick with rational thought.

    • Guest

      “how this Thai man had a brand new computer in his possession” he probably worked for it.
      You welfare-fed parnsip farmer’s son should try that (working) for once in your life instead of spending all your time posting the same stupid comment on that forum. You’d discover what it feels like to be useful to society instead of being a leecher and you might even get enough money to move out of Thailand (as you have been posting for more than a year now).

  • Chris Snell

    This is a good lesson to be learnt never leave your possesions unattended even swiss cheese munchers are thieves hope they get 5 years

    • weasel

      this is a good lesson not to bring your farang wife to Thailand. that’s a crime in its self.

  • Charles Baht Esquire.

    i wonder what kind of Christmas dinner cheese muncher man is gonna have in the Klink ?fish head soup with boiled rice

    • Guest

      Plus they will be surrounded by meathead poms in the Bangkok Hilton as it is a known fact that Brits commit more crimes than any other farangs in Thailand

  • Sly

    Aside from their flag (which is big ‘plus’) I have nothing ‘positive’ to say about the Swiss.

    • Guest

      Nothing positive to say about the Swiss, nothing smart, funny or remotely witty to say about anything. You really should keep it zipped Fly.

    • Rob

      They do make rather nice watches, I have a few myself. 😉