More cold weather predicted for Thailand


More cold weather predicted for Thailand

People in most parts of the country with the exception of the southern region will experience another round of cold weather for the whole week starting on Monday, with the northeastern region being the first to be hit by the cold front from China.

The Thai Meteorological Department forecast that the northeastern provinces will experience after which temperature will start to drop between 4-6 degrees Celsius as the high pressure from China sets in.

Then the cold weather will spread to the other regions but the mercury will drop between 3-5 degrees Celsius and the cold front will remain throughout the week before the weather will warm again after January 14.

In mountainous areas in the North, the Weatherman predicted cold up to very cold weather, with temperature dropping between 2-6 degrees Celsius. Northeastern wind speed is forecast at between 15-35 kph.

Mountainous areas in the Northeast are also forecast to be cold up to very cold, with mercury dropping between 3-6 degrees Celsius.

But in the southern region, the cold front will bring more rains throughout the coming week and strong winds in the Gulf and Andaman sea, with waves up to 2- 3 metres high.

So, people in the North and Northeast should take care of their health and to keep themselves warm during the cold week.

Source: PBS

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