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Employee in China fired due to bathroom breaks

A well publicized court case resulted from the dismissal of a Chinese employee for regularly using the lavatory for up to six hours a day. A Chinese court upheld the firing and barred the employee from being reinstated despite the fact that he claimed severe health concerns as the cause of his frequent trips to the restroom.

In September of 2015 the business decided to fire an employee by the name of Wang. Wang used to use the restroom for six hours every day while at work. Wang acknowledged having health problems, but it was later revealed that despite having surgery for hemorrhoids in December 2014. He continued to endure symptoms that required multiple bathroom trips every day. Wang started doing this in July 2015, spending three to six hours in the bathroom.

However, according to the company’s data, Wang used the restroom 22 times between September 7 and September 17, 2015, or two to three times every day, for a total of between 47 and 196 minutes per visit. He occasionally spent more than three hours per session. Wang was fired as a result, with the business citing Wang’s contravention of employee policies including tardiness, leaving early, and absenteeism. In October 2015, Wang filed a lawsuit in an effort to get his job back. Many online users were interested in the case and left comments about it.

The dismissal was ultimately upheld by the Chinese court, which decided that it was appropriate given the circumstances. Many internet users questioned whether employers would permit an employee to spend half of the workday in the bathroom, while others expressed sympathy for Wang’s health problems but agreed that they shouldn’t be used as an excuse.

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