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Elderly Thai couple become food delivery riders to support themselves during Covid-19 pandemic

Elderly Thai couple

The Covid-19 pandemic has left many around the world in a hard spot financially. 

For an elderly couple in Thailand, they took matters into their own hands to avoid becoming a burden to their family.

Uploaded to Facebook at the end of last week, Phakhanut Blackbox’s post depicted an unnamed old man and his wife, clad in facemasks, picking up a food order from his sushi restaurant in Hat Yai, Thailand.

Expecting the usual youthful delivery riders, Phakhanut said in his post that he was pleasantly shocked to see the senior couple pull up to his restaurant to pick up the outgoing order.

Intrigued by the sight of the silver-haired riders, Phakhanut stopped to have a chat with the couple to find out why the pair ride together when they deliver orders.

“The cuteness of Grab today, an old couple came to pick up,” said Phakhanut in the post.

He added that the “uncle” didn’t want to be a burden to his children and grandchildren, and decided to seek employment as a food delivery rider to earn his own income because he still has the “energy to do it”.

Phakhanut also said that the old man invited his wife to tag along and be his partner on his delivery assignments so that she wouldn’t have to stay home alone.

“‘Aunty’ is home alone when ‘uncle’ goes out. She is afraid that she will become too lonely. So he invited her to become his partner,” said Phakhanut.

“Age is just a number. I’m rooting for you.”

He added that the “aunty” stays with their motorbike to keep an eye on their meal bag while the old man picks up the food from the restaurant.

His post has since garnered over 6,000 likes and 4,000 shares on Facebook, as many social media users reacted to how cute the couple appeared, while praising their effort during this difficult time.

Other users wished the pair a safe journey on all their future rides and the best of health during the global pandemic.

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