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Elderly Couple Found Dead at there Home

Elderly Couple Found Dead at there Home

According to the Phuket Express, the Phuket Tourist Police received word from Jongjit, a daughter-in-law, age 62, that a foreign couple had been discovered dead inside a home in Pa Klok.
When the police came, they discovered the body of an 85-year-old man only known as Mr. Florent. He was discovered hanging in a restroom. Mrs. Maria, age 84, was discovered lying under a blanket on a bed in the bedroom. Both had retirement visas and were citizens of Belgium. Their visas had just been extended; they were now good till August 16 of 2024.
Although the contents of a letter discovered inside the home were not made public, it was written in the Dutch language. To determine the precise cause of their deaths, their bodies were brought to the Vachira Phuket Hospital.

Jongjit told Phuket Police that she and her husband also lived there, but that they had recently traveled to Phang Nga for a funeral and had returned home late on September 25. When she got home, she assumed the pair had already gone to bed, but when they failed to show up for breakfast the next morning, they grew concerned. Her husband then entered the room through a sliding glass window because the bedroom door was locked. They made the unsettling finding at that point and phoned the police.

Although the Thai police have not formally disclosed a cause of death, they were considering three potential hypotheses: a double suicide, a murder-suicide, or potential intruder murder. Col. Phisit Chuenphet, chief of Thalang Police, is in charge of the inquiry


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