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Drunk Man Survives Hotel Balcony Fall

Drunk Man Survives Hotel Balcony Fall

 A young guy who was travelling from Suphan Buri to Pattaya to see the fireworks show fell from the fifth floor of a hotel. According to Pattaya police, the victim—who was reportedly drunk—survived the fall but suffered serious injuries.
The incident happened at an unidentified hotel about 6:45 AM in the Nongprue sub-district, Banglamung district, Chonburi province, which is in the centre of Pattaya, close to Beach Road.
Mr. Kamalap Boonsong, 21, the victim, was discovered injured on the ground after falling from the balcony of his fifth-floor flat, according to Pattaya police. He sustained serious wounds, one of which being a bleeding wound to the skull. After administering emergency care, rescue workers hurriedly took him to the hospital.
The injured person’s 24-year-old acquaintance, Ms. Kittiya Sucharit, told the police that she and Mr. Kamalap had been to Pattaya for the International Fireworks Festival after being questioned. They went to a bar for a while before going back to their accommodation at around 3:30 AM.

Ms. Kittiya described how exhausted they were from the day’s activities and how absolutely inebriated she and Mr. Kamalap were from drinking. After that, they went to sleep, but Mr. Kamala woke up—possibly to use the restroom—which is when the incident happened.

According to Ms. Kittiya, she was startled out of her sleep by a loud sound that sounded like something hitting a roof. Upon inspection, she discovered that her balcony’s roof had collapsed and that Mr. Kamalap had vanished from the room. She was worried and asked the hotel personnel what had happened to her friend—she had fallen off the balcony.

As at the time of reporting, the victim was being treated for his wounds at a nearby hospital. To pinpoint the precise events leading up to the tragedy, Pattaya police are investigating the area, interviewing witnesses, and analysing CCTV evidence. However, they supposedly believe that drinking might have contributed to the collapse.

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