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Drunk Americans Arrested after Attacking Car

Two Americans were arrested early this morning, April 30 after they attacked a parked car in Chang Klan.

The car itself was parked outside a 7-Eleven on Chang Klan Road with the attack taking place at around 1:30 a.m.

The owner of the car, Mr. Kaset Prasit, 41, said he parked the car outside of the 7-Eleven and as he went inside he saw two drunk farangs approach his car and attack the side mirror.

The two drunk Americans were named as Mr. Nikolai Ivanovit, 25 and Mr. Preston Seriris, also 25 (both names transliterated from Thai).

It’s not clear from reports why the Americans attacked the car.

The pair were arrested by Muaeng Chiang Mai Police are were charged with public drunkeness and destroying other people’s property.

As of this morning, both were in custody with police saying they were waiting for them to sober up so as to proceed with their prosecution.

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