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Discarded face masks pose COVID-19 risk to Pattaya trash collectors

Discarded face masks

Face masks are what we believe will save us or help curb the spread of the infection of the Covid-19 virus, However, now it is the masks that have fast become our greatest risk.

Ignored pleas from health officials people are still just tossing their used face masks out with the trash and into the streets which in itself now poses a greater risk of the virus spread.

The most vulnerable are the rubbish men that sift through the rubbish and that are now confronted with a massive wave of infected fabric.

When you go into hospitals, they have bagged and tagged the infectious fabrics into hazardous waste bags that pose no risk to others and trash collectors are now wanting us normal people to do the same

Kung, who is one of the cities rubbish men has said that he fears to catch the infection when he sorts through the rubbish every day. As he is getting older and more vulnerable he uses gloves and a mask when sorting through the rubbish.

It is funny how residents smile and are polite to him as he does his job, however, they are thoughtless when they are deposing their infected waste.

To protect garbagemen, people should sort their own recyclables, put infectious waste into bags and also put broken glass and toxic material into easily identifiable bags, Kung said.

The men and women sorting through society’s waste and refuse never aspired to do this as a career. For many, he said, it’s their only option. Pattaya’s locals need to be considerable enough to understand that, he said.

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