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Darkside: yet another crash, this time not fatal, thank god…PHOTOS

Darkside: yet another crash, this time not fatal, thank god...PHOTOS

So it’s  Thursday the 4th of April, around 2:15 pm..I am sitting at home putting on some news for all you lovely people out there and my phone goes off. It’s  a message from my friend who’s basically driving through the Dark Side and he’s gone past the railway track near Soi 89.

He told me that there has been an accident at the railway track and just coming into Soi 89, just up from  Sukhumvit road. A Honda Jazz has been in an accident with a truck and the Honda Jazz is ended up in the ditch beside the railway track.  so I’ve gone my bike I’ve raced down to Soi 89 to see what’s going on maybe take some photos and get clear picture of what has happen.

I took a friend that was able to translate what a taxi driver was saying to me. So basically lady with her young child in the car was driving across the railway from The Darkside and either she was going too fast or she didn’t see the truck coming the other way. The truck didn’t stop and the Honda Jazz was forced to turn quiet sharply to the right and end up going off and nose diving into the central reservation.

Lucky enough for the lady she wasn’t hurt and neither was her child. No damage was done to the, however the the Honda Jazz was a complete write-off. So.. as you can see in the photos, the Honda Jazz was a complete  write-off and there has been  been quite a bit of damage done to the railway barriers.

So…this crash comes just days after a Toyota Yaris climbed the steps of the New Plaza in Soi Buakhao and injuring multiple people.

So again, this is not just a warning, but more of a please to everybody, When you’re driving out and about, whether you’re a veteran at driving in Thailand or you’re a newcomer to Thailand and you’re driving for the first time on bike and or car…. Be very very careful.

I am a driver of a car and a bike in Pattaya and I’m well aware that people do not look in their wing mirrors. It’s not the same as driving in  Europe and  it’s not the same as America, Canada or Australia. We get taught to use our wing mirrors and we get taught to drive safely out here.

People here just get in the car and drive. No teaching and no coaching. They don’t use mirrors and they don’t see anybody else in the road. Lucky for this woman and her child they were not hurt and were sitting at the side of the road just shaken up.

So in about a  weeks time the Songkran 2019 starts, and as you will know, in Pattaya  the Songkran goes on for quite a bit and longer than most places in Thailand. Everyone will be drinking and having fun as the excitement sets in. The roads will be full of people and water.

Please if you do drink, get a taxi home. Do not get on your bike do not get in your car and drive. Even if you think that you have had only had a couple of beers and you are fine, but i actually you’re not. Isn’t it better to spend 100 Baht on a taxi fare or a Baht bus home, than spending a hundred thousand to half-a-million Baht in the hospital getting your body fixed, your leg fixed or even worse, someone paying for you to get buried.

Yes,  this is a little bit morbid but it’s the reality of the fact that two crashes in the space of two days and lucky that in this one, no one is hurt. so just below are some photos taken from the crash.

Going back into the Songkran, people, please enjoy yourself have a good 2 weeks 1 week however long it’s going to be and yeah just enjoy the weather and the enjoy the water fights see you later…. P1 News Editor

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