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Covid-19 girl returns to Roi Et Province for wedding

Covid-19 girl

A girl infected with Covid-19 returned home from Bangkok to her home province in Roi Et and then went to a wedding for celebration.

After results confirmed the case officials are working hard to track down hundreds of guests that were at the wedding. Wanchai Konggasem the Governor of Roi Et reported on 26 March 2020 that there are now 3 Covid-19 patients that have been confirmed in the province. The third patient is a 34-year-old female who had returned from Bangkok.

The girl works as an employee in an entertainment business on Sukhumvit Road. She traveled via bus and arrived at the Phon Thong Bus Station in Roi Et on the 15th.

Not long after returning to the province, the girl went to a relative’s wedding on the 18th and 19th in Phon Thong District.

The girl also revealed that she went to buy some goods from a local convenience store on the 20th. The patient started developing a fever along with a sore throat on the 24th, which is the same day she went to the Roi Et Hospital. The tests confirmed that this was the 3rd Covid-19 case in the province.

The girl is now hospitalized. According to the information she gave to officials, there are about 120 people who have come into contact with her during her time in Roi Et. All of these individuals need to be quarantined for safety.

Out of the number, 20 have been found and are now on close watch. Officials are still searching for the other hundred. There will be more strict regulations in the province that are in accordance with the Ministry of Public Health regulations and safety measures.

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