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Video: Longest Skywalk in Asia to be built in Southern Thailand

Longest Skywalk in Asia to be built in Southern Thailand

A new global attraction is to be built in Betong, Yala province. This is a skywalk that will take you up high into the sea of mist of Ai Yerweng. Currently, there is already an Ai Yerweng tower that allows visitors to watch the sea of mist at sunrise and sunset, the plans to build an extension to the tower as the longest skywalk in Asia will begin this year.

This skywalk is expected to bring a large number of tourists from all over the world to the Southern part of Thailand, where there is so much that is unseen in Yala and the nearby provinces. Songkhla, Narathiwat, and Pattana are located right next to Yala, where each of these provinces hold attractions that cannot be found at any other location in Thailand due to the unique characteristics and culture that has developed in these provinces.

Some attractions of Yala include, the Piyamit Tunnels which is a location of historical knowledge of communists that took place in the interconnected tunnels that was built around the 1970s. The worlds largest mailbox, Bird city street art, the Winter Flower garden, and the Yala Central Mosque.

The skywalk will be extending out from the middle of the building made from a glass system for a full experience of the view. The side surface of the bridge will be decorated with the letters “SKYWALK @ AI YERWENG ทะเลหมอก อัยเยอเวง”. When visited in the morning at sunrise, there will be sea of mist above and below, giving a stunning impression of Yala.

Wamayuso Tusatoo the Mayor of Ai Yerweng reported that the skywalk project has been confirmed to take place in Ai Yerweng, Betong, Yala Province. The skywalk project has the budget of 91 million THB that has already been approved with the signing contractor qualified for the construction of the project.

The Ai Yerweng skywalk will be about 50 meters extending out to the open air above the ground, making it the longest skywalk in Asia and is expected to be ready for visitation in 2020.

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