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Conor McGregor Spared Jail After Pleading Guilty To Role In Bus Attack

Conor McGregor Jail pattayaone news

Conor McGregor has been spared jail by an American court for his part in a melee that took place back in April.

Credit: PA
All of McGregor’s felony charges were dropped against him as part of a plea deal. He then plead guilty to all charges and must pay restitution for the attack, as well as attending anger management courses and five days of community service.

The charges against the Irishman concerned his role in a fracas that took place at the media day for UFC 223.

McGregor was not supposed to be present at the media day, and was not scheduled to fight at the event, but he showed up and threw a hand trolley through the window of a bus containing several of the fighters on the bill.

Some of the fighters were injured as a result of glass broken in the bus windows and were therefore unable to fight days later at the MMA in New York.

He was also alleged to have thrown several other things including railings at the bus in what has been reported as an attempt to get to fellow mixed martial artist Khabib Nurmagomedov.

After that, a warrant was issued for McGregor’s arrest, though he turned himself in to a police station shortly after the incident.

He was subsequently charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief. Following that he was charged again at his arraignment with menacing and reckless endangerment.

He was released on bail, which was set at $50,000, and it was reported that a plea deal had been struck that would see him avoid jail time.

Prosecutors accepted the deal today at the King’s County Supreme Criminal Court and he left as a free man.

McGregor’s freedom will now surely fuel speculation of a fight against Nurmagomedov in the near future. UFC President Dana White said in May: “I’m pretty confident that that is the fight that Conor wants and I’m pretty confident that’s is the fight Khabib wants,

“I can see that happening.”

Credit: PA
However, Nurmagomedov’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz has also confirmed that the fight could happen, but said that it was all up to McGregor’s camp whether it happened.

Abdelaziz said: “Dana White wants to make this fight, he understands it’s the biggest fight in UFC history, but one of the things we’re not gonna do, everybody begs to fight this clown, and we’re not gonna beg to fight this clown.

“We want to beat his ass, he doesn’t set a good example for the sport, he doesn’t set a good example for kids, if we have to fight him, we’re gonna have to fight him. If we don’t fight him, we don’t give a fuck.”

Well, now that Conor is in the clear legally, it only remains for the parties involved to make the fight that everyone in the MMA world wants to see.


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