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Chon Buri community in shock

Residents of Chon Buri were shaken by the finding of an alleged newborn skeleton in the wooded surroundings of Banglamung, close to Huay Yai. On Wednesday, July 12, the frightening discovery was reported to the neighborhood police, and soon the area was swarmed by officers and inquisitive locals watching the event develop from the sidelines.

Residents found what seemed to be the skeletal remains of a child inside an open-air cement container near the picturesque Chak Nok Reservoir. The heaps of burned bones and ash painted a horrifying sight. The already gloomy sight was given an unsettling touch by a lonely monkey figurine nearby.

Deedoo, a 30-year-old Cambodian laborer, contributed a significant component to the infant bone puzzle. He claimed to have seen a migrant worker earlier in the week near the cement box. Unknown reasons and origins for the mysterious figure’s burning were observed.

It is also said that local resident and cow farmer Surachai Seawthong, who is in his early fifties, found the skeleton. He reported seeing heat emanating from the cement box and a layer of zinc covering it, according to the police. Surachai discovered the bone remains on Wednesday when he curiously pulled aside the zinc sheet, according to Pattaya News.

Another unnamed local claimed to have seen a man near the cement box, who may have been the same as the one Deedoo indicated. This unnamed individual was reportedly spotted carrying a bundle that was tied in cloth and then burned. These tales from several witnesses share a theme of unsettling activities occurring around the cement box and the enigmatic figure seen carrying them out.

Deputy Chief Lieutenant Colonel Pichit Wattanoe of the Huay Yai Police emphasized that they had not yet determined the type of bones. The remains have been sent to a forensic office for expert study in order to make a certain identification.

Police launched other initiatives to shed light on the enigmatic figure seen by the witnesses in addition to the forensic investigation. In an effort to identify the man suspected of starting the mysterious burning at the cement box, surveillance footage from CCTV cameras placed near the reservoir is being examined.

Residents of Banglamung informed the Thai media that they wish for justice and are anticipating a conclusion.

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