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Chinese female tourist attempts suicide

Chinese female tourist attempts suicide

A Chinese female on holiday in Pattaya attempts suicide by running out into the busy main road after fighting and arguing with Chinese boyfriend.

At around 2:00pm on April 9th, Pattaya police were called to the scene of an incident involving 2 Chinese tourists. It took place outside the MacDonald’s store on the main Sukhumvit Road.

Arriving at the scene police found the couple who were thought to be around 30 years old.

The woman was sat inside a motorbike taxi stand whilst her boyfriend was stood nearby. The woman had a few marks on her body which looked like she had been fighting.

The motorbike taxi driver who called police, gave a witness statement of what happened. He explained to police that he had been sat waiting for customers as normal when he spotted the Chinese couple arguing. He didn’t think anything of it until he noticed the woman suddenly ran out into the middle of the busy road, and stood there waiting to be hit by an oncoming vehicle.

The Thai taxi driver reacted immediately by rushing out into the road, risking his own life, and bringing the woman back to the safety of the footpath.

The boyfriend was less than impressed by his girlfriend’s behavior and proceeded to hit her a few times whilst shouting. Not wanting to get involved in the couple’s dispute, the taxi driver immediately called for police to come out and deal with the dangerous situation.

Luckily, no one was hurt during the incident, but it that was only down to a bit a bravery and a bit of luck, as a car managed to swerve just in time to miss the pair.

Police tried to question the couple but couldn’t get much sense at all out of them. A business card was handed over with what looked like a tour guide’s number on it. The guide was called out and came to collect the couple shortly after.

No charges were made.

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