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Bus Driver Kills Motorcyclist

Bus Driver Kills MotorcyclistBus Driver Kills

In the early hours of yesterday, an abrupt lane change caused a full-on collision between a motorcycle and a bus in Bangkok, which resulted in the death of the biker. Officers from the Lat Phrao Police Station started looking into the incident right away.

The dispatcher reported an injury-causing collision between a city bus and a motorcycle in a residential area in Lat Phrao 101.

Officers arrived on the scene with representatives from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation and saw the city bus that had been involved in the collision parked in the median strip.

The bus in question, a number 36 route with the colors cream and red, is a special service for employees and is registered 12-0667 of Bangkok.

A Honda Wave motorcycle without a license plate was lying directly below it. Manop (last name withheld), 51, the motorcyclist’s 51-year-old driver, was found dead a short distance away.

In light of the dire circumstances, officials made an effort to revive Manop, but regrettably, their efforts were ineffective. Shortly after, Manop passed away from his wounds.

When the bus driver was questioned, he recalled that immediately before the event, he had left the Huai Khwang bus depot and was traveling along the accident’s path to his destination.

The motorcyclist’s abrupt lane change took him off guard, giving him no time to apply the brakes, which led to a fatal crash.

He immediately called the police after parking the bus and noticing the hurt driver was having trouble breathing.

The bus driver faces preliminary accusations for dangerous driving that resulted in another person’s death.

Manop’s body was then given to representatives of the Ruamkatanyu Foundation so that post-mortem procedures could be performed at Police General Hospital.


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