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Breast enhancements despite doctors warning she could die

Model spends £60,000 on breast enhancements despite doctors warning she could die

A glamour model has spent £60,000 on life-threatening plastic surgery to achieve the apparent accolade of having the biggest breasts in the UK.

Nicki Valentina Rose, 27, has gone under the knife 23 times to enhance her looks, having her first breast augmentation when she was 21.

Between 2013 and 2018 she had a further four procedures to increase her bra size from a 32B to a 34NN, with the largest size in the UK being an N-cup.

Despite reaching her goal of having the biggest bosom in the country, the Londoner decided to take it a step further with another operation taking her to a 34W.

Nicki did not stop at her chest and has spent £129,000 on further enhancements including two Brazilian butt lifts (BBL), bum implants, nose jobs, jaw surgery and lip fillers.

‘I now have 5,000cc boobs and they are just the right size I think I can manage,’ she said.

‘I had my BBL because I wanted my waist to look smaller so my breasts would look larger.’

A wound from a previous bum implant she had in March 2020 reopened just two weeks after the procedure prompting doctors to advise her to remove them – which she has refused to do.

Nicki pictured in cleavage-bearing lacey lingerie. LONDON, UK: WOMAN spent SIXTY-THOUSAND-POUNDS on surgery to achieve the title of UK?s BIGGEST BOOBS and is now a whopping W-CUP - even though doctors warn it could be DEADLY. Glamour model, Nicki Valentina Rose (27) from London, UK, was always intrigued by women with big boobs, so when she was 21 years old, she underwent her first boob job; between 2013 and 2018 she had five boob jobs to increase her breast size from a 32B to 34NN. She wasn?t yet satisfied as she had a goal of achieving the ?biggest boobs in the UK?. In the UK, the largest bra size for clothes is a N-cup, considered for the UK?s curviest women. Nicki went beyond that and is now flaunting her 34W sized boobs on Instagram. She?s spent ?60,000 on her boobs alone. Altogether she has spent ?129,000 on surgeries which include; bum implants, nose jobs, jaw surgery, lip fillers and two Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs). She has been under the knife 23 times altogether. She has had help with funding from ?lonely men? through her Only Fans page. With over 2,000 fans on her site, they each pay ?16.09 per month for a subscription. A wound from her latest bum implant she underwent on March 11, 2020, opened up just 16 days later and doctors have advised her to remove them, which she has refused to do. It has not been fixed yet. Despite doctors telling her that her level of commitment to surgery is potentially ?life threatening?, she feels more confident in her look now and isn?t planning on anymore. MDWfeatures / @vip_nvr
Nicki has been under the knife 23 times (Picture: MDWfeatures / @vip_nvr)

Medics have warned her commitment to surgery is potentially ‘life-threatening’ and while she hasn’t got any more surgeries booked in, the caution hasn’t stopped her considering them later on.

‘I want to enhance myself the way I want to look, and also fix some surgeries I’ve had complications with,’ she explained.

‘I had to remove one of my bum implants because they were 530cc, and my skin couldn’t handle the weight so they started to sag. With my last bum implant, my wound opened up and I was advised to remove them, but I have chosen against it and I’m still recovering.’

She added: ‘Doctors have told me that it can be dangerous if I carry on, and like any surgery complications, it can be life threatening.’

Nicki is considering having another nose job in the future – despite already having five – as well as a facelift and fillers placed in her hips.

She’s had help funding the array of operations from ‘lonely men who don’t get the right attention from their wives’ through her OnlyFans page, which has more than 2,000 followers paying a £16.09 subscription per month.

She said: ‘Just do what makes you happy. If you’re unhappy about something and want to change anything about yourself, go and do it, but remember beauty truly comes from within.’

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