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Beggar exposed, drives a big car

This story helps remind us that things are often not what they seem but rather what a person chooses for us to see. Beggars and the homeless remain a large issue in Thailand, especially in the cities, it is a sad sight to see and many choose to help. Kindness is often taken as an advantage taking away real chances to help people that are truly in need.

A good citizen posted a picture of a beggar that was just walking around asking people for money. The same beggar has been seen asking for money in different villages and markets in Nonthaburi. Facebook User “Chaluta Joy” posted on 27 January 2020 showing a man who appeared to be a beggar returning to his Black Toyota Fortuner Car that was parked in front of the Don Sa Kae Temple in Bangyai District, Nonthaburi Province.

Beggar exposed, drives a big carThe car had a Bangkok license plate, showing that it was registered in the Big City. The man is seen looking at the rear-view mirror checking if he is keeping the look of a beggar. He places some items into the car before carrying a bag and a walking cane heading to a nearby village. Netizens have mixed opinions on the matter, some state that they now wonder if they should continue to give money to beggars, some say that what he is doing is better than committing a crime, and some think that the man might be an undercover policeman.

Beggar exposed, drives a big carChaluta captioned her post “What are you doing uncle? I’ve learned my lesson on giving people money. Uncle also goes to the Bang Bua Thong Market. Sorry uncle, I can’t see this alone”. What do you think about the pictures? Is there a possibility that he is a policeman investigating a crime?


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